Web Presence Services

Your ability to attract, convert and retain clients is crucial in any business. With the profound usage of the internet, the main-stream way of performing these tasks has changed.


Here are some of the services we offer to aid in your ability to attract, convert and retain internet clients.





Website Design and Hosting


There are many resources in the industry to help with the design and creation of websites. We can help you with designing a clean, informative, and persuasive website that will represent your business in a professional manner.


Whether you are looking for a simple, informative website, or a dynamic website that engages the user on a deeper level, we have what you need.


Search Engine Optimization


Think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a way to put your website in front of a larger audience of people looking for exactly what you offer. This is targeted consumer advertising. We know the in's and out's of proper SEO work. We offer workshops to teach the proper skills and knowledge to help your business with your SEO.


Beware of SEO firms that practice deceptive SEO practices. These will often result in good results in the short term, but will penalize you in the long-run.





Commission-Based Web Marketing


Our commssion based web marketing program creates a partnership between our two firms. We share in each other's success. This is unique to our industry and as far as we know, the only pay-for-performance SEO program available.


With this program, we review your website and market, make website suggestions and recommendations, implement an SEO strategy, provide monthly reports and updated recommendations, and watch you gain more traffic from your target customer base. Ultimately, this results in more business for you. And it proves our value as your web-marketing partner!