Selwyn Commercial Events

We specialize in organizing and marketing special events to drive traffic and increase community involvement for our retail property clients. We have experience handling everything from fundraisers to festivals.


Here are some examples of events.





Music Series


Many community retail centers have outdoor areas for their restaurant tenants. We team up with these tenants to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for guests to be outside. We work with local musicians to provide weekly music nights that feature music from jazz to classical rock, country to bluegrass.


Let us organize your music series.


Christmas Time


Christmas time is a very special time of the year. Not only is it a big month for the holiday spirit, it is also one of the biggest retail months of the year. Our Christmas events bring big crowds. We are known for having not only Santa, Mrs. Claus and a few elves, but occasionally we have visits from Frosty, Rudolph and other friends of Santa. These events also include arts and crafts, and toys from Santa.  Most of the time we provide a horse and carriage or a small train that provides fun rides for children.


And many tenants also provide hot chocolate, cookies and other surprise guests!


Carnivals and Festivals


Summer and Fall are popular seasons for outdoor events. But if you really want to set your property apart from other shopping centers, a carnival or festival will do it. A successful carnival/festival event brings hundreds of customers to your property for long periods of time. While the kids are playing and enjoying themselves, parents can browse through the stores and dine at your restaurants. It's not only a good time had by all, it's good business.




Throughout the year there are various holidays that we can use to create a special event for your commercial property. Whether it's a kids' Easter gathering, a Haunted Holiday for Halloween, a BBQ contest for July 4th, or even a St. Paddy's event that will make your competitors green with envy, we can make the difference between a hum-drum normal weekend, and a high-traffic holiday bash.


Community Fundraisers


It's not all about holidays and parties. Sometimes it's about showing the community that your property and tenants are a valuable part of the community. There are needs and tragedies that strike a chord with people. Make sure your property is involved in the community and show your support for charities. The long-term relationship this builds with the local customer-base will continue through the years.